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How the next astronauts (and tourists) will get to space

In a tour of his facility this spring, Bezos said that paying passengers should be able to climb aboard New Shepard to take a jaunt to suborbital space. Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic is also in the testing phase of its new SpaceShipTwo, also...

Why Star Wars Fans Should Be Paying Attention to Galactic Empire

Galactic Empire burst onto the scene back on Dec. 17, the same day as The Force Awakens hit theaters, with their excellent cover of Star Wars' main title theme. In the video, band members Chris Kelly, Grant McFarland, Carson Slovak, CJ Masciantonio...

AlunaGeorge's Expanding Galaxy of Fame

AlunaGeorge's Expanding Galaxy of Fame

“I woke up on the tour bus the other day, and I was dreaming about having a conversation with the galaxy. That day I found galaxy-print underwear, and then in the evening we did a show in Tampa and a man outside was making art. He gave me a picture of...

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Galactic tour


The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - "The Golden Age".

From Heineken Channel ( Xmas season 2010 )

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